Guidance Counselors

The guidance counselors work together for the good of each student, providing services to meet the student’s academic and emotional needs. There are four counselors, one assigned to each class (freshman - senior) for the four years at Archbishop McCarthy.

Counselors provide an array of services, including:

  • Counselor/student contact through individual, small, and large group conferences
  • Career program
  • Parental contact throughout the school year, guidance information workshops, meetings for students experiencing academic difficulty and/or meetings for students requiring personal counseling
  • Monitoring student progress reports and conducting counselor/parent meeting to foster improvement
  • Parent/teacher conferences as requested
  • Goal setting and high school four year planning
  • Leadership program resources
  • Providing cognitive strategies
  • Self-assessments and reflective exercises
  • New Maverick transfer student meetings and groups
  • Standardized testing advisement and tools

College Advisement

Our college advisors provide individual college planning assistance to students of all grade levels and their parents to help guide and assist them through the entire college process.
Additional services provided include:

  • Essay writing and college application workshops
  • Parent/Student college information sessions
  • Financial Aid Night
  • In-house college fair and local college fair information
  • Computer lab
  • Naviance: a college and career web-based tool
  • Provide search support and assistance with:
  • College applications
  • Bright Futures
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • College summer enrichment programs

The new College Advisement office allows for both individual and group meetings in the large open area which is frequently used by college representatives as they provide information sessions for our students.